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At IMG we’re committed to providing the most modern, effective, and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Microneedling performed by a skilled physician can have remarkable and age-defying effects for many skin and scalp conditions including acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, uneven or damaged skin, alopecia, and pigmentation. Don’t be fooled, dermal rollers are out! If performed by a skilled physician like Dr David Zohrabian, microneedling can provide the best results for skin health, plumping, and rejuvenation. Microneedling creates an even, precise pattern of micro channels at specific depths along the face or scalp using disposable surgical-grade steel needles. These microinjections promote the skin’s natural healing processes to produce new collagen, elastin, and matrix proteins. Call IMG today to schedule an appointment with Dr Zohrabian for microneedling at (818) 558-3778! Ask about our Microneedling packages!

Who is a good candidate?

Anybody who wants to use the latest technology to improve the quality and appearance of their skin and scalp. It is safe for all skin colors and types.

How long does the microneedling procedure at IMG take?

An IMG microneedling session not counting the initial evaluation by Dr Zohrabian can take 45-60 minutes including numbing. A topical anesthetic will be applied over the skin initially and left on for the first 20-30 minutes, followed by the actual needling.

How many sessions do I need?

Results do vary among our patients and while it maybe possible to achieve your desired results after just one treatment, additional treatments are recommended. IMG recommends one cycle of 3 separate microneedling sessions for the optimal outcome, which you will be able to see and feel! Sessions will be spaced out 3-6 weeks apart, and additional sessions maybe required for certain skin conditions and individual issues.

Is that all there is to microneedling?

NO! Microneedling alone is a fantastic new procedure that can result in long lasting beauty, but here at IMG we’ve combined the raw, natural power of your [PRP] to microneedling to give the ultimate anti-aging and skin aesthetics solution! IMG only obtains the most purified, ultra concentrated PRP for our microneedling + PRP procedure. The ideal PRP is a golden, straw colored serum without contaminating RBCs or WBCs. Call IMG now to find out more about our microneedling with or without PRP. We also have custom serums and hyaluronic acid preparations that we can add to our microneedling treatment.

All PRP treatment plans including evaluation, preparation of PRP, and administration are performed by Dr. David Zohrabian.
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